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Painting 132

The simplest visual description uses ordinary words to convey what the writer sees.   Even if it is not part of the subject, it influences the way we look at a work.

Painting 166

Any writer takes some things for granted. It is crucial to understand what these things are and then consider them in terms of both the purpose of the description and the interests of the reader..

Painting 204

Generally speaking, the best place to begin a visual description is with an explanation of the subject and the materials of the work.  Together they provide enough information to orient any reader.  In most cases, though, neither will be enough by itself.

Painting 594

These qualities cannot be imagined by a reader who has not been given explicit details.  In the same way, identifying something by artist, title, and date might be all a specialist needs to visualize the work.  Anyone else, however, will need to be told much more.

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